Place: Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brasil
Client: 5R Shopping Centers
Date: Outubro 2011
Gross Internal Area: 79 400m²

Of the place we know its origin through the tupi term Y-berab: “clear waters” or “shiny river”
And it is from those clear and shiny waters that we draw inspiration to seize the place. One also needs to read its topography. To occupy in harmony with the waters and turns, smoothly adjusting to the existing reality. Twists and turns, a dance of lines in the field that elevates mightily and imposes itself on the landscape.

To develop the area as a whole, where each part contributes to a new urban dynamics. A shopping center architecture that presents a convivial place that responds to the necessities of all, as a set that establishes itself around and that reinforces the idea of convenience and daily life.
Spaces that intertwine and draw between each other voids and fullness, through ramps that enfold the buildings and lead them naturally to the city.
The shopping center presents itself in multiple plans, each and every one close and of direct access. Open to the city and to the people, integrated within the urban system and accessible to all.

Shopping center architecture for Praça Uberaba

Composing elements:

Water, fluidity, movement and organicity
Earth, topography, turns and smoothness

Chromatic reference:


uberaba shopping center

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